Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poster Contest

Here are the stages of my work on a design for the Marin Sonoma Concours d'Elegance.  All they wanted was a rough idea, so...

I started off with my rough, duh.

Then I decided to use acrylics on paper.  Why? Because I'm broke. That's why.  Not as much curling on the paper as I would have thought.

At first I sketched out the car free hand, but I decided to check myself with the projector.
Which showed that while I had the proportions right between all the elements I had put a bit of a bend on the car that just wouldn't do.  So I traced over my sketch.  Hey, If it's good enough for Vermeer and Ingres, It's good enough for me.  The original photo had different highlights and reflections so I got to make up my own.  Not too bad for someone who hasn't drawn a car in ages, I thought.  Then came choosing the background color.  the step above shows that red didn't work, and cream wasn't doing it either.

Neither was green so I got the image into photoshop and after cleaning up the background I decided on this grey/blue thing.

I sure hope they choose my design.  Fingers crossed.  Total work put in: 6 hours.

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